Who is Eligible for Club Membership?

All persons who may legally consume alcohol in NJ are eligible to join. Membership

shall be open to any person who enjoys fine beers, wines, meads and/or ciders; either

by making their own or by enjoying the work of others.


Membership Benefits

  • ย Voting Rights on Club Matters and Business
  • 10% Off Ingredients at Eastern Homebrew Supply Store
  • ย Right to use Club Library
  • Right to purchase Club Merchandise
  • Right to attend Club Events
  • Right to Attend Meetings
  • Right to Sponsor Guests


Membership Dues

Dues are $25 per year for members and $10ย per year for their spouses. Dues must be paid for the full fiscal year.ย  Dues are not pro-rated.


Membership Application

2016 Membership Form

Form must be filled out, signed and returned to either :

PO BOX 128, Cologne, NJ 08213